Gemma Gallagher Exhibits at Dubai Expo 2020

Gemma Gallagher is an esteemed artist and successful businesswoman who recently showcased her talents to a global audience at the UAE’s foremost public event: EXPO 2020.  

Gemma was working in collaboration with Invest Northern Ireland as part of the #CelebrateNorthernIreland event at EXPO, which is currently the largest live public event in the world. The aim of this event was to bring a flavor of Northern Ireland to the world and to showcase their innovations. In addition to this, Northern Ireland Day offered visitors from around the world a chance to experience firsthand, their vibrant arts and culture.

Gemma was the Arts and Culture representative for Northern Ireland at the UK Pavilion where she created an incredible live painting show over the course of the day and exhibited her breath-taking canvas creations.

Gemma Gallagher - Dubai Expo


Gemma currently resides in Dubai but is originally from Belfast. During the exhibition, she retraced her roots and created a beautiful piece that featured the unique culture of her home city. It was truly a privilege to watch Gemma frequent her flow state as she captured the natural beauty and historical significance of her native place.

Gemma is a fantastic representative for creative arts both in the UAE, Northern Ireland, and further afield. She also shares her passion for painting with large groups through her successful business Design & Dine which she aims to expand globally. Gemma is a phenomenal talent who can make people stop in their tracks to pause in awe of her art. It is the combination of her exceptional ability and warm personality that really sets her apart.


– Written by Aoife McHugh